French Doors

french-door-paintPainting a French door is not a very difficult task if you know how to do it. Of course, a French door has to be tackled with more care than a normal door but that’s about it! If your French doors look drab or if the paint looks faded then give them a whole new look with a new paint job. Here are tips to help you.

  1. Painting French doors can be done while they are in place. You need a few supplies to get the job done effectively though. They are: tarp, foam roller, utility knife, angled paintbrush, razor blade scraper, painter’s tray, painter’s tape, screwdriver and gloves.


  1. If your French door was painted with an oil based paint, and you want to use latex based paint now, then you will have to use a primer. If it was already latex paint, then a deglosser will help the new coat of paint adhere better to the old paint beneath. You will have to use the deglosser according to the instruction manual that it will come with.


  1. If you don’t know whether latex or oil paint was used on your French doors, then a test will help you figure it out. Use a cotton swab that has been mixed with alcohol and rub this in on a spot on the door that is inconspicuous. If the paint comes off without any effort, then it is a latex paint.


  1. french-doors-blackThe next step for you would be to use painter’s tape to tape off all hardware, hinges and door knobs.


  1. After you have used the deglosser on the door, it is time for you to bring out the foam roller and do a quick painting job on it. After this is done, use the high- angled paint brush to paint all the door’s interior parts so that there is no defect left. It is okay if you paint on the glass as well since you will have to scrape it off anyway. Application of two coats is a necessity no matter what color of paint you are using. But if you are using a darker shade, then three coats may be essential.


  1. The French door should be left for at least a day to dry.


  1. Once the paint is dry and nice, use the utility knife to scrape off paint from the glass panes. The razor blade scraper should be enough to scrape off the paint from the glass itself.


  1. To peel off the paint, waiting till the French door is completely dry is always a good idea. If the paint is not dry when you start trying to get it off from the glass, then it may stick to the glass when coming off. This can be quite frustrating indeed.


  1. After the paint has been removed from the glass, clean it up with a glass cleaner and you are done! Your newly painted French doors are ready!